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[Informative] Lineage 2 Adrenaline Bot

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Question: Does your bot works there, there and there, as well as here?
Answer: The bot supports a wide range of servers from Interlude to the latest update of Ertheia on the Official RU/EU/NA servers. Keep in mind some servers have different or custom anti-bot mechanics and it may not work there, but normally any server that has a huge enough demand for support the Developer might consider adding support. If you need to know if your server is currently supported you can ask on our forums in the bot support section if its supported.

Question: How does your bot looks like? Ingame/out of game? Hard to install?
Answer: Our bot looks similar to l2walker and it is ingame version. Very easy to install and manipulate with, even if it will be your first contact with botting. It has inner interface with plenty of options, events and conditions.
Bot is based on the out of game interface settings, however you can't use bot w/o logging in the game.
Images & gallery:
- Great interface with a plenty of settings, events (with sounds) etc;
- Easy to install, stealth injection mode (you just run 2 files from folder, then client files (l2.exe/updater.exe));
- Unique settings for those who fighting with "Background perfomance" option (for those who has weak pcs);
- Radar + integrated map with maps included (similar to walker, but better);
- Full CP/HP/MP/Debuff control (all events, like if poison/root -> cleanse + heal);
- Improved and the best control of out of party buff;
- Map set (multiple support of zones for advanced exping in zones where are a lot of trees, rocks etc);
- Easy & flexible navigation for use + HOTKEYS (enable/disable bot, call up interface) buttons (relates to selfheal, selfbuff, party heal & buff settings);
- Reads information about your target (Gear, level, buffs);
- Chat history of shout/private/trade/system messages/events;
Question: What is the price? Should I pay everymonth or do you have any lifetime licenses? Discounts?
Answer: Price is 20$ for all servers. Yes, you have to pay for this bot monthly, we constantly make updates to improve our inner workability and create new bypassing methods - such service is worth of given price.
Warning! Price for l2classic is different.

Question: What are available license types, lifetime included?
Answer: No, there is no trial or lifetime license at all. Discounts are given upon the purchase of 2 or more licenses at a time.

Question: Can I run your bot on multiple PCs simultaneously?
Answer: No, you can't. You must be aware that 1 bot license comes only for 1 pc as it bounds to your hardware ID. However, you are allowed to move your license to other pc/laptop. In this case, you will not lose any amount of days on your license. You are allowed to switch licenses between pcs.

Question: How many boxes can I run at any server?
Answer: You are able to run unlimited boxes amount, as much as your server will handle. But, bot doesn't break the limitation which is set by server. If server allows to run 3 clients, you are able to run only 3.

Question: What is the payment method?
Answer: We are accepting ONLY paypal (family & friends option). We do not accept paypal requests, western union money transfers, skrill or any other. We also do not trade licenses for adena/characters.

Question: Stealth injection mode, what does it mean?
Answer: Stealth mode means, that bot works transparently and invisible for any antibot systems and guards. You will not be banned by these systems. Why are we pretty sure? Because we've tested it many times.
If you were banned - it was just the fault and inattention of yours. How to not get banned

Question: Can this bot buff out off party?
Answer: Yes, you have all the opportunities to make your buffer buff offparty, follow you; heal/recharge control also included.

Question: Do you have any filter for drop/target block etc? PvP settings?
Answer: Yes, all the required filters are included and working in the best way. Yes, we have enough options to set your party for PvPing, but still you will need advanced scripts.

Question: And what about spoiler? Can I use spoil/sweep good? How should I set these skills?
Answer: Everything is perfect about spoiler. Just add needed skills, select conditions and voila.

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